Infinite uses for the InfinityPen

when we sight to design a truly groundbreaking tool as addictive to play with as your smartphone, we had our work cut out for us.
the tool had to be multi purpose, but also retain a default generic playability that one could enjoy whether or not one wanted to use any attachments or other items in unison with it.
what we decided was that it had to be the best in what was on the market and in this case that meant being the most powerful. we settled for nothing less then the most powerful magnets in the world. even when compared to other neodymium magnets, the ones that are included in our device are the most powerful, and most technologically difficult to manufacture.
we would not offer anything less than the best your money can buy
the incredible power if our magnets have some very real consequences for people that want to do some fun and amazing tricks with our magnets.
we have accumulated a number of awe inspiring items that can be built that rely on the sheer strength of our magnets. a non comprehensive list is below

  • build a homopolar motor
  • led throwie
  • demonstrate magneto hydrodynamic propulsion
  • magnetic hear curie effect engine
  • eddy current dampening
  • these are only a few of the things you can do, with instructions for these and more available here.


    Launching The InfinityPen in Europe

    Its been a long while working at design, funding for prototypes and testing and now we are pleased to have our final prototypes ready for production. The InfinityPen is almost here. We look forward to the coming months where we work to finalize funding and also to finalize the production so that we can formally launch the product all over the globe. I want to thank everyone that has been involved in our project both the present and to those that will help us in the future. Sincerely The InfinityPen Support

    a multi-use tool that configures to your individual needs made from the most powerful magnets in the world